​​Cath Cartwright - Early Years Deputy Manager / Lead in Child Protection and Safeguarding / Early Years Practitioner / Fire Safety Trained Officer

I have been an associate in WLP since 2003. After exploring other career choices and becoming a mum I found that childcare was a rewarding career path, and so I chose to take it. My mind is always strongly focused on childcare being the Deputy Manager, I am a super busy member of the team but enjoy my role tremendously. I am a strong believer in reflective practice and am always looking at ways to improve our setting. Children are our future and they deserve the best start in life. I have a strong passion to work closely with families in need and supporting children to thrive within their environment, that is why I jumped at the chance of taking on the very important role of being the Lead in Child Protection. 

Katy Knight - SENDCo / Early Years Practitioner

​​I am Katy, snails group key person. After teaching Reception and special educational needs classes for nearly 10 years in London and around Hampshire I joined WLP in 2018. As well as a key person I am also the preschool SENDCo, so I work with the children and families in preschool who may have additional educational or medical needs. I love books and superheroes, and at preschool you are most likely to find me signing and singing lots of songs!

Ren Rosenfeld - Early Years Practitioner

Since I was little I've known that I wanted to be a teacher like my mum was, and it wasn't hard to figure out that early years was the right age group for me. I've been in childcare since 2015, and joined Westbrook Little People in 2019 and loving every day of it. I enjoy being creative with the children through different forms of expression like art and being imaginative. I can often be found talking with the children about superheroes and dinosaurs which are some of my favourite things, as well as exploring out in the garden for interesting things such as spiders and woodlice.

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Michelle Traviss - Early Years Manager​ ​/ Health and Safety Officer / Early Years Practitioner / SENDCo Trained / Accredited Communication Practitioner

I have worked in childcare since 2008, becoming a member of WLP in Jan 2015. I am very passionate in all I do, supporting my fabulous team in providing an environment where children enjoy learning through play. Being a hands on manager you will often find me covered in paint, playdough and glitter. When not in work I enjoy jetting off to hot places and spending time with my family. Being a mother to four children has certainly helped me gain my experience. My passion within childcare is communication and language development meeting each and every child's individual needs. I am also SEN trained. Understanding that each child is an individual and develops at their own pace is something that my team understands. As a Manager I feel I lead my fantastic team of Practitioners by example.

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Laura Callingham Pink - Business Manager

​​I have a wealth of experience working in the early years sector and have qualifications in both childcare and a business. My career started in the recruitment industry, but rapidly moved into the early years sector as this is where my passion lies. I was involved in the management committee in 2005, when my own children attended the pre-school. I was appointed Business Manager in 2010. My role is to work alongside the childcare management team and staff and liaise between them and the management committee to ensure that all our business needs are fulfilled. As a charity based organisation, we aim to break even each year, ensuring that any profits are used to enhance the children’s learning environment. I am extremely motivated and committed to WLP.

Toni Ponting - Early Years Practitioner / Family Support Officer

​I am a mother to two boys and joined WLP in 2010, first as a volunteer then becoming a Lunchtime Assistant. I am proud to have qualified and started my career as an Early Years Practitioner and enjoy working alongside my key group. Previous to WLP, I gained a wealth of work experience within schools and colleges as a Drama Teaching Assistant and Summer School Teacher.