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At Westbrook Little People we take pride in supporting our families in every way possible. We welcome all of our parents and carers to contact us for a meeting with their child's key person or a member of the management team any time via email or by phone. We are here to support each and every member of our families!


Please can you ALL ensure that your child's bag includes:

Nappies/pull ups (if not potty / toilet trained).
Nappy sacks (for us to dispose of nappies or for wet/soiled pants).
A packet of wipes.
At least 2 changes of clothes including socks and pants (if not in nappies).
A spare pair of shoes.
A rain suit or suitable rain coat on rainy days and some welly boots (as we do still have fun in the garden even if it is raining).
And as the weather turns colder a woolly hat, scarf & gloves.
As the weather turns warmer a sun hat & sun cream.

Please ensure ALL bags, lunch boxes and clothes are named.